Antenna testing

I recently received an Aerial-51 Model 404-ul. This antenna has seen extensive use by a friend who gives it rave reviews. I am excited to try it this weekend and looking forward to the contacts that can be made with it. The antenna is an off-center fed dipole which is recommended to be installed as an inverted V. Installation should be about 36′ up to the peak of the inverted V with the ends being about 20′ off the ground on the short leg and about 13′ for the long leg. For ground staking this will require about 25′ of rope on the long side and about 31′ of rope on the short side. This means total ground needed is about 30M or 99′.

This antenna is supposed to work across 7 bands with reasonable efficiency.

Power Rating:
200w SSB/CW on 40/20/15/10
200w SSB/CW on 17 & 12m
50w SSB/CW on 30m (with an ATU)